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Wildlife and other animals

LUNI Lombok aims to help as many animals as it can on the Gili Islands, not only cats, and has installed several drinking stations that can be used by all animals, from cows to chickens.

Cows, goats and other livestock have local owners on the islands but are sometimes neglected, whether they are tied up or free to roam, before being sold for slaughter. As well as providing them with drinking water and/or shade, the LUNI Lombok team tries to contact their owners and encourage them to take better care of their animals. LUNI currently gives medical care to up to 10 animals each month, which could be treatment for goats with scabies, a horse that needs a vitamin injection, a cow that needs deworming and so forth.

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Wildlife on the Gili Islands includes snakes, lizards, birds and squirrels. Sadly, there is not much wildlife left because humans have destroyed most of their habitat for development, killed them or sold them in the market.The local people also still hunt birds and make them live in tiny cages and undertake singing contests – probably a major reason why (along with the food provided in LUNI’s Pussy Patrol!) so few birds are killed by cats on the Gili Islands. The team treats birds and other small islands in their clinic and they respond to call-outs for animals in need. These can be goats or lizards stuck in septic tanks, people who found snakes or monitor lizards in their backyard and want them removed, cows with their hooves stuck in coconuts and so on. Snakes and monitor lizards are being rehabilitated to a national park in the island of Lombok where they can live a safer life, not being harmed by people and with enough natural habitat to thrive.


People also sometimes buy animals from the wildlife market trade in Lombok, including civet cats, Asian leopard cats and porcupines. LUNI Lombok  works with organisations such as BKSDA (a government organisation responsible for protected species in Nusa Tenggara Barat) and aims to rehabilitate them in the best way.  If for some reason it is not possible to return them to the wild (born in captivity, not a native species) LUNI Lombok places these animals in a large, natural enclosure in Lombok Wildlife Park and pays for the building of those enclosures so they can have the best life possible with enrichment and enough space. Lombok Wildlife Park is essentially a private, well-funded zoo.

LUNI Lombok has adopted Iggy and Amy, two mini ponies who were rescued at the last minute from the slaughterhouse in Lombok during COVID-19. They are at STUD Horse Riding & Rescue stables where LUNI Lombok pays for their stable fees and provides medical care. After going through  suffering, Iggy and Amy are now finally living their best life.

Support Us

We are extremely thankful for your kind contribution, and even the smallest donation amount counts. This will go a long way towards our efforts to help the island animals with sterilisation, food, free medical treatments, and rescue and rehabilitation.


LUNI Lombok’s vision is that the animals of the Gilli Islands, Lombok, can live happily and healthily in harmony with the community.

Any donation (but please consider a monthly recurring donation) will help us greatly to help the animals through our 5 goals of:

1) Food, water and shelter

2) Sterilisation and vaccination

3) Veterinary care

4) Rescue and rehabilitation

5) Education and support

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