Love the unwanted, neglected, and ill-treated

LUNI Lombok's main goal is to love the unwanted, neglected, and ill-treated cats and other animals of the Gili Islands so that they are happy, healthy and under control.

LUNI Lombok's 6 Main Pillars

  1. Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Pop-up Clinics: We organise sterilisation initiatives on the other islands to control the cat population.

  2. Daily Pussy Patrol: Our dedicated team provides daily food and clean drinking water to over 500 stray cats whilst also monitoring their well-being.

  3. Medical Care – Veterinary Clinic: As the first and only veterinary clinic on the Gili Islands, our team is equipped with international training to provide free veterinary care for stray animals and affordable services for owned pets.

  4. Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation: LUNI Lombok actively seeks to positively impact wildlife through our education, rescue, and rehabilitation efforts.

  5. Drinking Water: LUNI Lombok provides water and medical care for free roaming animals like cows, goats, horses and wildlife on the island.

  6. Cat Café: Our Cat Café is home to Gili Islands’ rescued kittens and cats. Visit our shop to find cat supplies, affordable cat food, and cute cat souvenirs! All proceeds go directly towards supporting stray animals in need.

Meet the Team


As a true cat lover from the bottom of her heart Reni is one of our directors as well as the manager of the Cat Café & Shop. She loves every kitty like it is her own child and is looking after them in the best way you can imagine.


Davi - here in the picture with Maxi the cat, is one of our directors and proud owner of one of our Cat Warungs (Cat Restaurant) where he feeds stray cats daily.


Wadi is one of our directors and has been dedicated to helping the cats with feeding and caring since the first day. He has a huge talent for catching cats and and is helping in every TNR clinic.


Nina is the founder and vice chairman of LUNI Lombok as well as founder and General Manager of Project LUNI Singapore where she started her mission to improve the life of stray cats in 2016.


Rina here in the picture with Alphonso the fat bar cat. She is one of our directors and the loving caretaker of many kitties at Gili Beach Bum Hotel and LAVA bar where regular events are being held to raise funds for the kitties.

Drh. Titi

Our amazing full-time vet (dokter hewan) who truly loves all animals. She is a dedicated vet with a huge heart and well trained skills.


Imam is our vet nurse and we call him the smart boy. He speaks great English, handles the cat in the most professional and gentle way and has impressive knowledge and experience.


Dani is our sunny boy and he has been with us since the beginning, learning everything about cats from the scratch. He is a hardworking young man and and the LUNI family has turned him quickly into a true cat lover.


Agung is our newest member of staff. With his calm and quiet yet clever personality he fits in perfectly and is the favorite of many cats and customers.

Support Us

We are extremely thankful for your kind contribution, and even the smallest donation amount counts. This will go a long way towards our efforts to help the island animals with sterilisation, food, free medical treatments, and rescue and rehabilitation.


Your donation will go a long way in helping the island animals with the following:

  1. Free medical care for stray animals
  2. TNR (trap-neuter-return / sterilisation)
  3. Feeding of over 500 stray cats 
  4. Providing drinking water for animals
  5. Rescue and rehabilitation of Wildlife

Please consider a monthly recurring donation so we can continue our rescue efforts.

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