Love the unwanted, neglected, and ill-treated

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Information for Adopters

Adoption rules, information about health, care and preparations to adopt a cat

How to take better pictures of your cats - with your phone!

A guide by our resident photographer to help you get your kittens adopted! Luni Photography guide – by Kerstin

Feeding / Supplements

Our main raw meat supplier. Friendly, reliable and great meat!

Our supplier for meat cubes:

Ordering of supplements:

Our supplier for the food donations and a lot of other things. Polypet supports us as well in their Save the Strays campaign!

Cat Sitting / Boarding

Fencing / Meshing / Cat Behaviour

Meshing / fencing and awesome cat furniture as well as helping with behaviour problems

All kinds of kitten stuff

Lots of great information for behaviour problems

Other Cat Welfare Organisations

LUNI Lombok’s vision is that the animals of the Gilli Islands, Lombok, can live happily and healthily in harmony with the community.

Any donation (but please consider a monthly recurring donation) will help us greatly to help the animals through our 5 goals of:

1) Food, water and shelter

2) Sterilisation and vaccination

3) Veterinary care

4) Rescue and rehabilitation

5) Education and support

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