Adopting a cat is a long-term commitment that can last for many years.

It is crucial to do your research on the commitment required to provide a safe environment and quality life to the cat. This is why LUNI Lombok is here to help with the education and awareness on proper care for cats. In our Cat Cafe, we have cats and kittens that are up for adoption.

All our kittens and cats are vaccinated, dewormed, and treated against fleas/mites if necessary. They have had at least one full health check and we will provide you with the vaccination booklet on the day of adoption. If old enough, they will be sterilized as well.

In our Cat Cafe, we socialize the cats and shower them with love, making them the perfect family member to your home. If you are interested in adopting one of our kittens, visit our Cat Cafe and meet the kitties and us!


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Adopting a cat takes some preparation. Be sure to read the following informations before proceeding.