Love the unwanted, neglected, and ill-treated

Daily Feeding of Street Cats


The LUNI Lombok team feeds between 500-700 cats all over Gili Trawangan. We also provide clean and fresh drinking water for the cats and other animals on the island to ensure safe hydration, and reduce risk of kidney disease and other health issues. During these ‘Pussy Patrols’, we check on the health of the stray cat  population and identify unsterilised cats, who will be brought to the clinic as part of our trap-neuter-release (TNR) programme. 

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Support Us

We are extremely thankful for your kind contribution, and even the smallest donation amount counts. This will go a long way towards our efforts to help the island animals with sterilisation, food, free medical treatments, and rescue and rehabilitation.


LUNI Lombok’s vision is that the animals of the Gilli Islands, Lombok, can live happily and healthily in harmony with the community.

Any donation (but please consider a monthly recurring donation) will help us greatly to help the animals through our 5 goals of:

1) Food, water and shelter

2) Sterilisation and vaccination

3) Veterinary care

4) Rescue and rehabilitation

5) Education and support

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