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Wildlife Rescue & Other Animals


LUNI Lombok cares for all animals, not just cats! LUNI Lombok provides water and medical care for free roaming animals like cows, goats, horses, and other wildlife on the island.

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LUNI Lombok answers calls to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation missions too. Some of these missions include relocating oversized pythons to National Parks in Lombok and responding to illegal wildlife purchases and ownerships by rescuing the victims of illegal/ irresponsible ownerships.


Our Impact

We often work with BKSDA, a government organization responsible for the protected species, and National Parks in the area of NTB. If possible, we rehabilitate the animals and release them into a protected area.

If for some reason this is not possible, we work to find other solutions such as large, custom enclosures in the Wildlife Park in Lombok. In these cases, we mostly try to mediate and coordinate but sometimes get more involved.

LUNI Lombok has adopted Iggy & Amy, two mini ponies who were rescued at the last minute from the slaughterhouse in Lombok during COVID-19.

They are at STUD Horseriding stables where LUNI Lombok pays for their stable fees and provides medical care. 

After going through a period of suffering, Iggy & Amy are finally living a great life.

Support Us

We are extremely thankful for your kind contribution, and even the smallest donation amount counts. This will go a long way towards our efforts to help the island animals with sterilisation, food, free medical treatments, and rescue and rehabilitation.


LUNI Lombok’s vision is that the animals of the Gilli Islands, Lombok, can live happily and healthily in harmony with the community.

Any donation (but please consider a monthly recurring donation) will help us greatly to help the animals through our 5 goals of:

1) Food, water and shelter

2) Sterilisation and vaccination

3) Veterinary care

4) Rescue and rehabilitation

5) Education and support

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